• Photos and Thanks for participating.

    All photos from the symposium are available in a shared directory on Google Drive, the link to the shared directory was sent to all participants of the symposium together with the Certificate of Attendance.

    If you are a participant of the symposium and you did not receive an email with a link and certificate, please write an email to the Organizing Committee.

    If you have photos that you would like to share with other participants, send them to the Organizing Committee, we will be happy to add them to the shared directory.

    Dear participants of the symposium, let us to thank you once again for your participation in the conference, for your trust, for your time. And for all the inspiring presentations, for sharing your results and experiences, and for all the pleasant meetings and discussions. Together you helped to create a very pleasant atmosphere, THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT!

  • May 30, 2024: Last minute information

    Registration and information:
    Registration starts on Sunday afternoon at the symposium venue in Kosice, Hlavna Street 89 from 16:00 to 19:00. And then every morning from 8:00 at the registration desk close to the lecture hall. At the registration desk you will receive symposium materials, some promotional materials from the region and also lunch tickets for those who wish to take lunch at the symposium venue (see „Meals“ later). There will be also information point – all organizational instructions, changes in scientific program, etc. will be posted at the registration desk and board.

    Scientific program:
    Please find enclosed scientific program. Please note that changes may occur, any changes in the program will be announced in the lecture hall, and will be posted at the registration desk.

    Posters will be presented on Monday, June 3 (Posters I), and on Tuesday, June 4 (Posters II). The poster area is located in the atrium close to the lecture hall. Authors should post their poster presentations in the morning, from 8:00 to 8:50.  Each poster stand will be marked with the number of the poster presentation from the symposium program. There is no dedicated full poster session; participants can discuss posters during coffee breaks which will take place in the same area, and also during 30 minutes period after lunch

    Meals, lunches:
    The organizers got the opportunity to offer lunches at the symposium venue, free of charge for the participants. It is just an extra offer from organizers; they cannot provide for any special dietary requirements. You can find the menu in the attachment (in English and Slovak), it will also be available at registration, as well as the tickets needed to pick up the lunch. If you want to have lunch at the symposium venue, you need to order lunch in advance during registration, preferably a day in advance, but no later than 8:30 a.m. on the day of the lunch. You will be given a lunch ticket which is required to get your lunch.
    There are also many options for participants who cannot take advantage of lunch offer (e.g. special diet), or want to have lunch outside; the symposium venue is located right in the heart of the busy Main Street.

    Coffee breaks:
    Coffee breaks will be served in the atrium, the same area where the posters are located. Except for Monday afternoon Coffee break, which will be served on the corridor, because atrium will be prepared for Welcome Party. Coffee breaks may be shortened if the previous scientific session lasts longer than planned.

    Social program:
    Two social events are planned for the participants. On Monday, a Welcome Party with light refreshments will take place directly in the symposium venue, in the atrium where the posters are located. It should be an informal opportunity to meet, discuss and chat.
    On Tuesday, the organizers want to present a special region of eastern Slovakia – the Tokaj region. We ask the participants to be ready to board the buses immediately after the end of the scientific session ” Neuroregeneration – cell based therapy, neurogenesis I”. The bus stop is about 500 meters from the lecture hall, so be prepared for the possibility of rain. Buses will take us to the village of “Velka Trna” with special vineyards and tuff cellars. In one such wine cellar there will be a wine tasting with local sommeliers (without rain, it will be underground :-)). After the tasting, there will be a small reception with another glass of wine, also with the possibility of purchasing special wines. Please, it is important to be punctual because the buses cannot wait! If you don’t drink wine, don’t worry, you should attend for the explanation and refreshments; but let us know so we can specify participation in wine tastings.

    Symposium venue:
    The symposium will take place in the auditorium and atrium of the Catholic University in Košice. It is located directly on Hlavná Street in Košice. Hlavná ulica is the center of the city of Košice, it is a pedestrian zone full of restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, museums, etc. The center of Košice can be reached on foot, most hotels are in close proximity. There are several landmarks on the main street:

    • St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral – the largest church in Slovakia as well as the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe.
    • Levocsky dom –the oldest (dating from the 15th century) and still continuously operating pub in Slovakia, and one of the oldest buildings of its kind in Europe.
    • The Urban Tower – renaissance prismatic campanile erected in the 16th century. The St. Urban Bell installed in the tower, has been dedicated to Saint Urban, the patron of vine-dressers.
    • The underground museum – during the reconstruction of the Main Street were uncovered underground spaces towers, ramparts, bastions and fortifications, and other structures from ancient times.
    • Miklus prison – medieval prison with underground former torture chamber, which includes installation of wax figures of executioner Miklus and his captive.
    • Crafts Alley – close to the Main Street (Hrnciarska St.) hosts many craftsmen and their workshops (potter, blacksmith, herbalist’s shop, etc.)
    • and many more …

  • May 16, 2024: Updates

    The registration for 9th International Symposium on Experimental and Clinical Neurobiology is officially completed. Thank you for registering, we received almost 70 applications. It will be a great opportunity for scientists and doctors in the field of neuroscience to meet.

    Here are some updates:

    Duration of the symposium:
    After evaluating the number of lectures and posters, the organizing committee decided that the symposium will last until June 5, when it will end in the afternoon. Please be aware that Sunday, June 2, is dedicated only to the registration of participants, so the scientific program of the symposium will take place on June 3 – 5, 2024.

    Symposium program:
    After registration, we started working on the proposal of a preliminary program that will also take into account your time requirements. We will send it to you as soon as possible, also for your inspection and correction. Each participant should receive a confirmation by e-mail about the registration, as well as about the submission of the abstract. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please let us know.

    Poster presentations:
    We would like to remind participants who are planning a poster presentation to adhere to the set size of the poster (100 x 70 cm, h x w), in the case of larger posters it will not be possible to install them.

    We believe that each participant has already secured accommodation, the organizing committee has not received any more requests, therefore we are canceling advance reservations in hotels.

    Fee payment and other issues:
    If you have a problem with the transfer and payment of the registration fee, please contact the organizing committee at this e-mail address. Likewise with any questions about the symposium.

  • May 6, 2024: Abstract submission deadline is approaching

    Dear participants and invited lecturers, deadline for abstract submission is quickly approaching (May 10, 2024). Please submit your abstracts to make preparation of Abstract Book easier.

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